What I Eat in a Day 8/16


Delicious, quick, and easy egg cups! One of my favorite breakfasts. Just put lunch meat into a cupcake pan, crack an egg into the meat, top with green onions, and bake at 400 for 15 minutes. (You can do scrambled eggs instead if you prefer.)


Lately I’ve been cooking EVERYTHING on the barbeque. Today was grilled porkchops (marinated in olive oil, garlic, S&P, and lemon juice) sweet potatoes (YUM), onions, and zuchinni. 


I worked out pretty late tonight, so I had a light dinner. Another snack pack from costco, this one is my favorite. It comes with hummus, grilled chicken, pita bread, zuchinnu, tomatoes, and carrots. So delicious! They also give you a huge portion of hummus, so there’s plenty for dippin’! 

What I Eat In a Day

Recently I’ve changed my lifestyle and I try to eat generally healthy meals, and it works because I’ve lost 15lbs. Here’s what I eat in a day: 


A breakfast Quesadilla made with black beans, scrambled egg, green chilis, and some Mozerella cheese. 


I get these snack packs from Costco. They’re super convenient for when you don’t have time to prepare something. This one comes with sunflower butter, a hardboiled egg, multigrain crackers, an apple, and cheddar cheese. 


This Turkey Zuchinni skillet is delicious and super easy to prepare. You just Sautee some ground turkey, zuchinni, onion, brown rice, garlic, and tomatoes (topped with cheese) and then stick it in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes. 

Free Samples!

I just wanted to write a quick post about a website that I absolutely love- pinchme.com

You get up to 3 samples a month, absolutely free with no strings attached! I was so shocked when I found this website because all of the other websites for “free” samples always want something in return. 

Just an example of some things I’ve gotten for free on here:

Body wash, pens, energy drinks, lotion, zit cream, granola bars, and much more. 

Hope you guys like it!

Feed The Woozle!

If you’re looking for a fun game for the kids to play, here it is! My kids at work get a kick out of this game and can play for hours. Hope you enjoy!


This is Feed The Woozle. They sell it on Amazon (http://amzn.to/2aSTHZ6) and your family will get a kick out of it!
You can also Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial for free shipping!

First you spin the wheel to see what silly thing you’ll get, such as hula dance. Then you roll the dice to see how many pieces of food to put on the spoon. Lastly, you put the pieces of food on the spoon and you hula dance over to feed the Woozle without dropping the food.

This will keep your kids entertained for a good while. Hope you like it!

Ice Cream Craft

Here is a super easy and adorable craft to do with your kids. They’ll love it!

What You Will Need:

Colored Paper




Pom Pom’s


Cut out a cone shape and ice cream scoop shape, or a popsicle and popsicle stick shape. **

Glue your ice cream onto your cone, or your popsicle onto the stick.

Decorate using markers or crayons and pom pom’s.
** Here’s a template I found on Pinterest for how to draw the ice cream.


San Diego

My boyfriend and I have been together for (almost) 5 years now, and we love to travel to new places together. This past weekend we drove down to San Diego for the day. Here’s a look at our trip:

Japanese Friendship Garden




We started off at the Japanese Friendship Garden, inside Balboa Park. I was really looking forward to going here because last time we visited it was closed.

PSA: THEY CLOSE AT 4:30pm ON WEEKENDS. (And 7pm on weekdays, which is backwards if you ask me.)

It was free to park and a relatively short walk, which was nice, and it cost $6 to get in. It’s a nice relaxing place to sightsee, but it was relatively small and wasn’t worth the $12 we spent to get in.

Phil’s Barbecue


Next up, we went to Phil’s Barbeque, which is our absolute favorite place to eat in San Diego. There’s always a long line, but what few people know is that you can call and place your order ahead of time, saving you the time of waiting in line and being tortured by the delicious smell.

The prices aren’t bad- it cost about $35 for this barbecue sandwich, half rack of baby back ribs (best thing on the menu), large order of onion rings (HANDS DOWN THE BEST), and a drink.

Whaley House

We stopped by Old Town San Diego next. We were just wandering around, checking out the souvenir shops, and smelling the great food. Then we walked past the Whaley House, the U.S.A.’s most haunted house. My boyfriend, who truly believes in ghosts, naturally wanted to swing by for a tour, so $13 later we were inside the national landmark. I wasn’t too frightened, because I don’t really believe in ghosts, but this place did make me think twice about that.

My boyfriend and I were standing right in front of a (closed) door in the first room while the tour guide was talking. Next thing I knew the door flew open and then slammed shut. Now, I was standing right there and was able to see that there was no one on the other side of the door, so I was a bit freaked out, as so was everyone else in the room.

This was the only paranormal activity that I experienced in the house, but some of the other guests had some experiences and got some good photos of “spirits”. The Whaley House also offers late night tours accompanied by ghost hunters. So if you’re into that type of thing then I would highly recommend it.





Lastly we went to the Embarcadero at sunset, which is the best time to get this photo. This was the highlight of the day. We got to see the Unconditional Surrender statue, pictured above, the U.S.S Midway, and some submarines and pirate ships.

I highly recommend checking out some of these places next time you visit San Diego, especially if you’re into seeing the tourist-y  sights!